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5 Amazing Benefits of Massage

The first time I had a massage was on my 25th birthday. It seemed like a fun treat, but probably not something I would do very often. Six years later and birthday massages have turned into a tradition. Not only do I look forward to them for a little pampering, but for me, they are the ultimate form of stress relief. And in today’s busy world, I think we could all use another way to destress. And this is just one benefit! In fact, the benefits of massage go far beyond just the relaxation aspect. If you’re looking for a way to treat yourself in the new year, I’m here to persuade you with 5 amazing benefits of a massage.  

Stress Reduction

I know I already mentioned stress reduction, but let’s dive into this one a bit more. Chronic, unmanaged stress can have detrimental effects on your health. Both physically and mentally. (Check out my article here on tips to manage stress!) Chronic stress can lead to conditions such as anxiety, depression and heart disease as well as weight gain and trouble sleeping. So many of us walk around in a constant state of stress these days, and it’s easy to feel the physical effects.

Personally, I carry stress in my shoulders. What I love about getting a massage is that, in addition to relaxing for an hour, I can feel the built-up stress being worked out of my body. Afterwards I feel less stressed, both physically and mentally. If you are someone who physically experiences the effects of stress in your body, a massage might be just what the doctor ordered to help you destress and get back to feeling like yourself again.

Immune Support & Reduced Blood Pressure

Constant stress can also suppress the immune system and increase blood pressure. Conversely, the stress reducing effects of a massage can boost the immune system and reduce blood pressure. So many health benefits from one enjoyable treatment!

Muscle Tension and Soreness

When you experience muscle soreness and tension, a massage can help bring blood flow to the area, expediting pain relief. In fact, massage can be used in conjunction with physical therapy to heal or recover from an injury. Massage therapy will help increase circulation, relax muscles, increase flexibility and reduce recovery time.

Flushes Toxins from the Body

Removing waste and toxins from the body is essential for our bodies to function as intended. A massage is a great way to remove excess toxins as it flushes lactic acid build up from the muscles. In turn, this can loosen up mucus and improve sinus drainage.

Improves Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage

A massage is an effective way to get the blood flowing and support the circulatory system. Supporting the body in its efforts to pump blood and nutrients to our organs and tissues improves overall health and bodily function.

Further, massage stimulates the lymphatic system. In fact, there is a specific form of massage, lymphatic drainage massage, specifically designed to support the lymphatic system. Just like blood through our veins, lymphatic fluid is constantly flowing through the lymphatic system. The flow of lymphatic fluid through the body allows white blood cells to trap and destroy harmful particles and bacteria. It also prevents painful swelling that can occur from a build up of lymph fluids.

Parting Words

If you needed a reason to justify getting a massage, you now have five! While it might seem like an indulgent form of self-care, the benefits of massage are truly amazing for both mental and physical health. So, book the massage! Your mind and body will thank you.

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