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5 Must Have Essential Oils Plus how to Use Them

Whether you are a seasoned user or new to the world of essential oils, this article highlights my top five must have essential oils. I use these oils daily to treat migraines, prevent allergies or illness, and create a relaxing environment. The oils can be used on their own or in combination with one another to create soothing, healing blends, perfect for diffusing or direct application. In fact, my favorite essential oil brand, doTERRA, is even safe to ingest. You can add a few drops to water or into a capsule to amp up the healing properties of these amazing oils. And with that, let’s jump into your five must-have oils!


Lavender, as one of the most versatile essential oils, deserves a spot in everyone’s essential oil collection. The oil is derived from the lavender plant and carriers a floral, light scent. Lavender oil has been used for centuries for bathing, relaxation and perfume, among other uses. In today’s world lavender is still used to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and foster a relaxing environment. Lavender can also be used to fight acne and wrinkles and improve skin tone.

How to Use:

Add a few drops of lavender oil to your bath or on the floor of your shower, diffuse it or apply it directly to your temples, back of your neck or soles of your feet to experience the relaxing properties. Also consider adding a few drops to a mini spray bottle with water and mist the aroma over your pillows and bedding for a restful night sleep. However you choose to use it, if you are looking to unwind, adding lavender essential oil to your life is a natural, healthy way to do so. Namaste!


To all the headache or migraine sufferers out there, peppermint oil is for you! Applying a little oil to your temples, back of your neck or under your nose can offer immediate relief for even the worst of headaches. That’s why I always carry a roller bottle of peppermint essential oil in my workbag and in my carryon when I travel. However, the benefits of peppermint oil don’t stop at headaches. When ingested, peppermint oil can also treat an upset stomach. And the high menthol content of the oil promotes respiratory health. Think of peppermint oil as a healthier, all natural and more effective version of Vicks Vaporub.

How to Use:

As I mentioned above, direct application of the peppermint oil to your head and neck can provide immediate relief for headaches. To calm an upset stomach, you can either ingest the oil in a capsule or diffuse it into the space around you. I’ve found that the smell alone can be enough to ease nausea or an upset stomach. Diffusing or ingesting are also effective methods to improve respiratory health. When actively suffering from a cold, apply a drop under your nose for immediate relief of a stuffy nose


While lavender essential oil has calming properties, lemon has the power to brighten your mode. Diffuse a few drops into your surroundings for an immediate mood boost. However, my favorite use for lemon essential oil is as a cleaning agent. This oil has the power to purify air and surfaces, while the bright, citrus aroma leaves your space feeling clean and inviting. For anyone looking for ways to reduce the use of harmful chemicals in their home, I highly suggest using lemon essential oil in place of your current cleaning products.

How to Use:

To use lemon essential oil as a cleaning agent, add a few drops of the oil to water in a spray bottle and use it to clean surfaces throughout the house. It’s even safe for use on wood, leather, silver and other metals.

On Guard

On Guard is a doTERRA proprietary essential oil blend. However, I use it enough to confidently recommend it as a must have oil in your collection. Made from a blend of orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and other floral based oils, this blend provides a natural and effective immunity boost. Personally, I use it preemptively during cold and flu season to prevent getting sick or use it at the first sign of sickness.

How to Use:

To experience the full immune-boosting benefits of this blend, doTERRA recommends ingesting this oil daily. Rather than ingesting the oil in capsule form, I prefer to apply the oil to the soles of my feet at bedtime via a roller bottle. Given how porous the soles of our feet are, this is an effective way to absorb the oil into the body. You can also diffuse the blend into your space to purify the air around you.


Frankincense is derived from a combination of Boswellia trees and is considered the king of oils.  According to pre-clinical research, Frankincense essential oil may promote healthy cellular function when taken internally and may contain anti-cancer properties. As the king of oils, this blend has also been proven effective for treating digestive discomfort, fighting against skin conditions such as eczema and acne, calming joint aches and pains, providing stress relief and promoting oral health.

How to Use:

Experience the benefits of Frankincense oil by applying it topically to the skin to fight acne or other skin conditions, or calm joint pain. Ingest the blend to promote healthy cellular function. Diffuse the blend for stress relief or add a few drops to water and gargle with the mixture to prevent gum disease.

Bonus: The Ultimate Allergy Blend!

While suffering from painful, inflamed sinuses, my naturopath recommended I try diffusing a blend of equal parts lavender, peppermint, and lemon essential oils. Immediately my sinus pain went away, and I could breathe better. I find this blend to be so beneficial that I keep a mixture of it in a roller bottle next to my bed and apply it to my sinuses every night before going to sleep. Since doing this I hardly ever experience seasonal allergies. And I love that the roller bottle is super small and easy to travel with. Because of the lavender component it’s also very soothing to apply this mixture at bedtime. In fact, my husband is hooked on this blend as well for the soothing and allergy fighting attributes. After years of cooping with painful sinus pain I swear this blend has literally changed my life. I hope it has a positive impact for you as well!

Parting Words:

I feel like I have just begun to scratch the surface of all that these essential oils can do. What I love most is that these oils offer a natural, chemical free, immediate solution to so many health conditions. If you have another oil or blend that you can’t live without, comment below! I would love to know what other oils people are loving.

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