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The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Fitness Lover in your Life

It’s Gift Guide Season – Part 2! And today I’m sharing my top gift ideas for the fitness lover in your life. If you missed my Nutrition Lover Gift Guide, check it out here! From workout gear to apparel, I’m sharing my favorite fitness related products. These are products that I have, and love and I know the people in your life will love them too!

ON Cloudswift Sneakers

My husband and I travelled to Europe in May and I knew I was getting old when I prioritized packing functional shoes over fashionable shoes. However, thanks to these ON Sneakers I was able to accomplish both fashion and comfort with a single shoe! Personally, I own the Cloudswift and I literally LIVE in these sneakers. These surpassed my expectations walking miles and miles all over Europe. But to my surprise, these have also become my go-to shoe to wear around the house, while running errands, etc. Basically, if I’m not barefoot, I’m wearing these sneakers. They are that comfortable.

Having spent most of the year pregnant, I haven’t been able to run in these sneakers yet. But, they have incredible reviews as a running shoe, and I’m excited to test them out soon! With so many fun colors and designs, these shoes are sure to be a hit with the fitness lover in your life!

Lululemon Align Racerback Tank Top

Did Lulumemon start using different fabric?! I tried on the Align Racerback Tank in store the other day and the fabric is literally LIKE BUTTER. I didn’t want to take it off. And with so many fun color and length options you can literally have a different one for every day of the week. I personally bought the waist length option which goes great with their leggings and shorts which tend to be mid-rise. But they also have a hip-length option if you or your loved one prefer a longer fit.

With the holidays coming up I limited myself to buying only one. But, you better believe I have this on my Christmas list in a few other colors. This is by far my favorite Lululemon product from a fabric perspective. So soft. So flattering. You will definitely want to buy one for yourself this holiday season.

Bala Bangle Weights

Take your workout up a notch with these trendy wrist/ankle weights by Bala that you’ll actually be excited to wear. Gone are the days of clunky, unattractive weights. Bala has reinvented the ankle weight with their sleek design and charming color options. The fitness lover in your life will absolutely love sporting these at home or in their go-to workout class. And with different weight options, there is a Bala Bangle for everyone!

Lululemon Power Stride Socks

Did you know it’s possible to be in love with a sock? As soon as you try these Lululemon Power Stride Socks, you’ll understand why! These super durable socks hug your feet in all the right places and don’t slip around while you wear them. They are thick, warm, comfortable….everything you could ever want from a sock. Plus, them come in a variety of heights and colors. Personally, I love the Power Stride Tab socks in white. The little flap at the back of the sock makes them easy to adjust after putting on shoes or as you wear them throughout the day. But at $38 dollars for 3 pairs, they are definitely on the expensive end for socks. All the more reason to give them as a gift! Trust me, once you try them, there’s no going back!

Peloton App Membership

Rounding out the guide, consider giving the gift of a fitness membership this holiday season. When you think about Pelton, you probably think about the classes that they offer for their bike, treadmill, and now, rower. But did you know that Peloton has thousands of live and on demand classes that require little to no equipment?  I’m talking pilates, yoga, barre, meditation, cardio and strength training workouts that do not require the use of Peloton equipment. And you get access to all of it through their Peloton App membership for just $12.99 per month.  

What I love most about the Peleton app over other fitness apps is the trainers! Some of these trainers have built a cult following, and for good reason! With so many classes and trainers to choose from, the fitness lover in your life is guaranteed to find something/someone that speaks to them. And this is the gift that keeps on giving! I love that I can use the app while traveling, bringing consistency to my workout routine regardless of where I am. The app also evolves with you. While pregnant I started taking more yoga and low impact strength training workouts, as opposed to the running and cycling workouts I did pre-pregnancy. Regardless of where you’re at in your fitness journey, this membership has something that will be right for you!

Parting Words

If you have any other fitness related products you’re currently loving, comment them below! Or if you have any of the products I suggested above, let me know what you think of them! Happy shopping!

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