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What I Eat in a Day

It’s a good day when I get to write about my favorite subject – FOOD!

Unfortunately, a lot of foods do not love me back. Which is why you will find that my diet is 100% gluten free (hello Celiac disease) and primarily dairy free. I also am hypersensitive to how food makes me feel, and through an infinite amount of trial and error have found what foods leave me feeling my best. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you read my article on food journaling if you’re interested in finding the diet that works best for you.

Ok ready? Here’s what I eat in a day, Monday – Friday edition. On the weekends my diet tends to be a little less predictable.

First Thing in the Morning:

Celery Juice – I typically start my day with celery juice. I find the flavor to be energizing first thing in the morning and it’s a natural diuretic, helping eliminate waste and toxins from the body.


Smoothie – I have an absolute obsession with smoothies. It’s hard to go a full article without talking about them. Currently I’ve been enjoying a smoothie with ~3/4 cup of frozen blueberries, a handful of frozen spinach, a generous spoonful of ground flaxseed (adds a great nutty flavor and fiber!), a scoop of Vega Simple Protein Powder and a cup or so of Almond MALK (the best almond milk!).

A smoothie is a great way to get fruits, veggies and protein into your diet while also being easy to digest given the blended creamy, consistency. If I don’t have time to make a smoothie my go to breakfast is an Rx bar. They’re filing, high in protein and have the cleanest ingredients.

Morning Snack:

A piece of fresh fruit – Each week I pick one or two fruits to have as my morning snack. My go-to’s are a slightly under ripe pear (they’re not quite so messy when they’re not fully ripe), a honey crisp apple or a bowl or green grapes. If you’ve ever given any consideration to food combining principles, you may want to have your fresh fruit first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Personally, I find I feel my best eating fruit after eating something else.


Tuna salad wrap – I literally look forward to lunch all day since discovering the BEST almond flour wraps at Whole Foods – 365 brand. They’re made from simple ingredients and they don’t fall apart like some of the other gluten fee options on the market. Siete Foods also makes amazing almond flour and cassava flour wraps that are equally durable and delicious.

I make my tuna salad by combining one can of tuna (in water, not oil!) with spicy brown mustard, one stock of chopped celery, a diced up pickle and little squeeze of siracha. I divide the tuna salad mixture between two wraps and usually add a small handful of butter lettuce before closing up the tortilla to add some extra crunch.

Afternoon Snack:

A serving of nuts – Nuts make for a great afternoon snack as they are filing but they don’t weigh you down. I typically rotate between raw almonds, shelled pistachios or macadamia nuts. Side note, why don’t macadamia nuts receive more good publicity?! They’re delicious!


While my diet from the time I wake up until dinner is usually pretty consistent, dinner can be all over the board! In an effort to increase my veggie intake, I often turn whatever I’m having for dinner into a salad.

If tacos or fajitas are on the menu, I skip the tortilla and eat mine over a bed of lettuce. My latest salad obsession is a bit of an Asian inspired chicken salad. For the salad, combine coleslaw, shredded carrots, slivered almonds, avocado and sliced chicken in a big salad bowl.

The dressing is a combination equal parts soy sauce (I sub coconut aminos), avocado oil, rice vinegar plus a splash of pure maple syrup, sesame oil, ground ginger and minced garlic. It’s SO GOOD!


A day without dessert is a day wasted. I love to end the day with a couple pieces of salted dark chocolate. Also, PSA, the Simple Mills chocolate chip cookies taste identical to the Chips Ahoy you used to eat as a kid, but have much cleaner ingredients. I usually eat dessert right after finishing dinner. This way I’m already full (helps with portion control) and prevents me from eating too late in the evening, which can be a major contributor to heart burn.

Parting Words

Hopefully in some way you’ve found this article helpful. At the very least you’ve learned that I eat 7 times a day. Thanks for following along and don’t forget to subscribe to the JUICED community to stay up to date on the latest JUICED content!




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