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Benefits of taking a Daily B-Vitamin

Hands down, one of the best things I’ve done for my health in the past year has been adding a B-complex vitamin to my daily routine. Within two-ish weeks of starting a B-complex I noticed I had more energy, was in a better mood and had improved digestion. The improvement was so obvious that taking my daily vitamin actually became something I looked forward to, and still do!

So why a B-complex? Because there are a number of different B vitamins, and they offer different benefits. A B-complex is the easiest way to add a variety of B vitamins to your diet which allows you to experience a broader range of benefits.

So, what are these different vitamins and what their most critical health benefits? Let’s dive in!

B1 – Thiamine

Vitamin B-1 is best know for its role in helping our metabolism convert nutrients into energy. After all, we eat to fuel to our bodies. Being able to successfully convert those nutrients into energy is essential for the proper functioning of our bodies.

B2 – Riboflavin

Similar to B-1, this vitamin also helps convert food into energy. If you have ever explored a vegetarian or vegan diet, you’ve probably heard the recommendations to supplement with a B2 vitamin. The reason for this is because animal protein is the most common source of B2. B2 is also a powerful antioxidant, helping to neutralize free radicals in the body.

B3 – Niacin

B3 supports our cellular health and the production/repair of DNA. Sound important? It is! B3 has been linked to reduced blood pressure, healthy skin, and better brain function.

B5 – Pantothenic Acid

B5 is another important contributor in converting nutrients to energy. However, B5 can also be beneficial in maintaining a healthy heart rate, maintaining healthy fat stores while eliminating excess fat, and controlling blood pressure.

B6 – Pyridoxine

B6 is a powerful substance, capable of producing red blood cells and neurotransmitters, and metabolizing amino acids. This leads to communication among brain and nerve cells and has also been linked to improved functioning of the immune system.

B7 – Biotin

One of the more spoken about B vitamins, B7 is essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates and fat. Who doesn’t want to boost the effectiveness of their metabolism?! Biotin is also great for hair, skin and nail health. Did I mentioned B7 is also heart healthy, aiding the body in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

B9 – Folate

Chances are you have heard of folate at some point or another if you take a multi-vitamin. Folate gets a lot of attention because of the important role it plays in cell growth, including the formation of red and white blood cells, and proper cell division. These important cellular functions can lead to everything from improved productive health and the prevention of heart disease to a reduced risk of cancer and healthy, strong bones. Folate can also lead to a decreased risk of birth defects in unborn babies. This is why folate is such an important component of prenatal vitamins.

B12 – Cobalamin

Perhaps the most well known of all the B vitamins (and for good reason!) B12 is vital for cellular development and neurological function. These essential bodily functions support our memory, mood, nervous system, heart health as well as our hair, skin and nails. Said differently, B12 packs a punch in terms of our health, and is essential for the proper functioning of our bodies.

Parting Words

The B-complex that I know and love is this B-Supreme. Fair warning, your pee will be bright yellow shortly after ingestion! This powerful little pill includes a healthy dose of each of the vitamins discussed above. And like I said, the health benefits were obvious in less than 2 weeks! I highly recommend you give it a try if you suffer from a lack of energy, poor digestive health, are at risk for any of the diseases mentioned above, or are simply looking to improve your health. You won’t regret it!




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