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Tips for Staying Healthy while on Vacation

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When it comes to vacation, it’s a bit of a delicate balance. On the one hand, you earned this vacation! You deserve to live it up! You deserve to indulge. To the enjoy the local foods of wherever you’re traveling. To order that dessert! But you also may not want to undue all the hard work you’ve put into living a healthier lifestyle. Maybe you’ve finally developed some healthy habits and you don’t want to throw those away for one week at an all-inclusive in Cabo. Then again, maybe you do! Only you can make that decision.

Here’s what I think when it comes to vacation… want to FEEL GOOD while you’re on vacation. You want to have energy. You want to be able to get out and do the things you want to do without feeling sluggish, bloated, weighed down with headaches or anxiety. When you focus on this. When you focus on feeling good and making this your WHY, making a few healthy choices on vacation becomes a whole lot easier.

Keeping this in mind, let’s dive into a few tips for making healthy choices while on vacation:

Make a list of foods you know you want to enjoy and get excited to eat them!

It’s not every day you start your day with a big stack of pancakes. But let’s say these pancakes, loaded with maple syrup, are infamous and they are part of the reason you planned this trip in the first place. If that’s the case, eat up! Take a photo to remember them and enjoy every last bite. To avoid feeling too sluggish during the day, follow them up with lots of water and relish in the memory of how good they were!

During your trip it’s very possible there are four, five, maybe six meals you can’t wait to experience. If that’s the case, enjoy all of them and don’t feel the slightest bit of guilt. The more we restrict ourselves, the more likely we are to fall off the bandwagon, and the harder it will be to get back on.

On the contrary, if you find yourself eating a big stack of pancakes every morning of your trip “just because” and the morning sugar bomb is taking its toll on you, consider opting for a healthier option. You’ll feel better and your body will thank you. Remember, nobody wants to waster their vacation feeling sick!

Carry Healthy Snacks with You

Ever found yourself suddenly starving and all you can find is a convenient store loaded with chips, cookies and those rotisserie hotdogs that are a few days past their expiration? The next thing you know, your fingers are bright orange because you just downed an entire bag of Cheetos out of desperation.

Don’t be this person.

And actually, with a very small amount of preparation, you won’t be.

I’m writing this post while on vacation in Italy. When I left for this trip I made sure my carry on was loaded with Rx Bars (my absolute favorite on-the-go snack, you can’t beat the ingredients!), shelled pistachios, and dried fruit. These snacks are super easy to pop in my purse every morning and have come in major handy on trains and while walking around exploring.

Carrying snacks also prevents you from reaching that starving, grab-anything-you-can-find point, or majorly overeating at your next meal. A lot of hotels also have a fruit basket hiding in the lobby. Whenever you see this, load up on a few pieces of fresh fruit. An apple or banana is an easy, filing snack you can feel good about.

Stay Active!

Your level of activity will absolutely depend on the type of vacation you’re taking. But just because you are beach bound for a relaxing trip doesn’t mean you can’t keep things active.

The easiest form of exercise while on vacation is walking. Whether you are sight-seeing, visiting a friend in the city or headed to the Caribbean, chances are, there will be plenty of places to explore. Start your day with a walk on the beach, find a restaurant to try within walking distance, or ask the locals about their favorite hikes in the area. The additional steps will add up, and being active is critical for healthy digestion.

The key to staying active is choosing activities that do not detract from your vacation. Swimming, bike riding, kayaking, playing tennis or golf, and of course walking, can be a fun part of any vacation. Don’t force yourself to hit the hotel gym if you don’t want to (although sometimes these gyms are way nicer and less crowded than what you have back at home, making them kind of fun to check out!) If you force exercise into your vacation and you don’t enjoy it, you will 1) ruin your vacation and 2) may ruin your relationship with working out. Instead, remember that you want to feel your best! And if exercise helps you feel your best, you should feel good about incorporating it into your vacay.

Stay Hydrated!

I know so many of us walk around with a reusable water bottle attached to our hip when we’re at home. It’s not always as easy to find drinking water on vacation. That’s why I’m asking you to make the extra effort to make sure you are staying hydrated. Proper hydration is critical to the proper function of our bodies, and you don’t stand a chance at feeling your best on vacation if you’re dehydrated. Plus, if you are spending extra time in the sun or enjoying more alcohol than you’re normally accustomed to, you run an additional risk of being dehydrated. We also often mistake thirst for hunger. So, stay hydrated as an additional means to avoid over-eating.

Parting Words

I hope this article leaves you feeling empowered and not the least bit guilty about enjoying yourself while on vacation. Remember, it’s not about restricting yourself. It’s about doing what makes you feel your best so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. After all, living a healthy lifestyle is not about restriction, and vacation should not be any different.

I hope if you are reading this, it’s because you’re heading somewhere fun! Enjoy and remember to subscribe below to stay up to date on the latest JUICED content!




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