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How To Manifest Your Best Year Yet

If you missed my earlier post on tips for reflecting on the prior year, I highly recommend you check it out! 

Ok, ready to stop talking about last year? Great! Let’s move forward.

I am a self-proclaimed goal-oriented person (have I mentioned I’m a Capricorn?). For me, setting new year’s resolutions is like goal setting on steroids. What do I want to accomplish this year? Where do I see myself 365 days from now? What do I reallyyyy need to buckle down and stop doing? Oh, the places we will go this year!

If setting new year’s resolutions is not really your thing, maybe I can help change your perspective a bit. It’s not about picking a random goal out of thin air that you’re not passionate about only to give up on January 9th and feel like a failure. It’s about picturing the life that you want to live and setting some tangible goals that will help move you closer to a happier, healthier you. 

This is where manifestation comes into the conversation. One of the biggest buzz words of last year. I am by no means a guru on the topic, but what I do know is that spending time picturing the life that you want to live and believing that you are capable and deserving of living that life, can lead to some pretty amazing things. 

  • How can you live your happiest life if you don’t have a clear picture of what that looks like? 
  • How can you achieve your biggest goals if you don’t believe that you are worthy of them? 

Knowing what you want out of life and realizing the world is abundant enough to fulfill them is half the battle. With this simple mindset shift and some time well spent visualizing yourself at your absolute happiest, most content state, your best life is a lot closer than you think.

Ok, that’s not to say 100% of the things you put out into the universe will come back around in the new year. Let’s remind ourselves, Rome was not built in a day! But with a clear picture of what your happiest, healthiest life entails, it will be easy to pick a few tangible steps you can implement in the new year that will get you a whole lot closer. 

Not sure where to start? Take a read through the prompts below, pick the ones that resonate with you and get busy writing, thinking, vision boarding (is that a word?), discussing with a close friend, whatever medium works best for you.

  • What can I do this year to bring myself closer to my ideal life? What can I do today to start living that life right now?
  • When I picture myself in December of next year, what do I see? What have I accomplished? 
  • What makes me feel my happiest? What can I do to bring more of that into my life?

Once you have a clearer picture of the things that make you happy, the dreams you want to chase, the things you are passionate about, take a minute to reflect on what habits will bring more of these things into your life.

Perhaps you feel your best when you’re being physically active and have always wanted to participate in an organized run. Set 20 minutes aside 3x a week to run and sign up for a local 10k this spring to hold yourself accountable. 

Maybe you’re an amazing chef and have a goal of publishing a cookbook. Then consider starting a food blog in 2022 to start testing recipes and to establish an audience. 

Stuck in a job you aren’t passionate about? Designate 10 minutes every Monday to journal to figure out what you are passionate about. 

Once you’ve figured that part out, spend your Saturday morning researching career opportunities in the field while you drink your morning matcha. Or perhaps look for a mentor in the space who can provide you guidance on how to get your foot in the door.

My point here is, where you are today and the dream life you want to live might seem pretty fat apart. But, when you break out the distance between the starting point and then end point into small, tangible steps, you can start making progress towards the finish line a whole lot faster. 

Also, aren’t new year’s resolutions a whole lot more fun when you know they are moving you closer to a happier, healthier you? 

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with – comment your new year’s resolutions below! They just might inspire other readers to live their best life in the new year.




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